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Therefore, the aims and objectives of the (CFIN) are:
• To professionalize and advance the science of cyber security, digital and computer forensics and other areas of forensics

• To provide a fair, uncompromised process for certifying the competency of cyber security, digital and computer forensics examiners
• To set high forensics and ethical standards for cyber security, digital and computer forensics examiners
• To conduct research and development into new and emerging technologies and methods in the various fields of forensics
• To provide a cyber security, digital and computer forensics training programme (formal training leading to membership, seminars, workshops and conferences) that will equip members with the competency to be aware of current and developing principles and practices within the cyber-security, digital and computer forensics field, and have technical know-how to carry out digital and computer forensics examinations on behalf of their clients and employers.
• Providing an understanding of the technical know-how of hackers and the counter measures against such malicious attacks.
• To assist the Federal, State and Local Governments, the private sector, financial institutions, Law enforcement agencies, the Judiciary and individuals in the prevention and detection of cyber security, digital and computer crime, and in the presentation of digital and computer evidence in litigation.
• To publish articles in the print and electronic media on digital and computer forensics.
• To publish a Register of Members.

The CFIN certification is available to both law enforcement and non-law enforcement forensic examiners who have no criminal record and who have the appropriate training and experience.

The CFIN membership is open to
anyone who has to give digital and computer forensics evidence or who is interested in carrying out research in the field or is interested in pursuing a career in this new, challenging and highly rewarding field.

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