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Certification Boot Camp Schedule/Registration


through its Training Partners provides two types of training leading to certification and for specialized short Courses:
a. Residential Boot Camps and
b. Distant Learning Training.

Details of the areas covered in the Certification Programme are stated below:



      1.  Nature and Scope of Digital and Computer Forensics
      2.  Cybercrimes and Cyber Security
      3.  Legal Framework for Cyber,  Digital and Computer Forensics
      4.  Biometrics:  Methods and Applications in Investigation and Prosecution        

      5.  Data Recovery:  Tools and Techniques for Forensic Analysis
      6.  Cryptology:  Encryption/Decryption Systems
      7.  Questioned Document Examination
      8.  Hand-writing Analysis
      9.  Electronic Evidence Reporting and Presentation
      10. Digital and Computer Forensics as a Profession

To register for the Certification Boot Camp, click here.

This will be followed at the end of the course by the Digital and Computer Forensics Examiner Certification Examination for the MCFI designation of the Computer Forensics Institute, Nigeria (CFIN).
TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Investigators, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Officers, Legal Officers, Judicial Officers, Auditors, Accountants, Information Technology Professionals, Operations Officers, Academicians, Engineers, Bankers, and individuals interested in pursuing a career or in carrying out research in information security, digital and computer forensics, and those who have to present digital/forensic evidence in courts and tribunals and those interested in having knowledge of forensics.

DURATION:   Five (5) Days Intensive (Monday to Friday); 9am – 5pm Daily.

To register for the Boot Camp or to obtain full details of the above Boot Camp , please click here:

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